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Default Re: 15 Games You All Will Probably Get (in 2013)

Excellent write ups.

For me, I grew up on Tomb Raider, and if I hear it's been done well, that would be great.

Beyond Two Souls: Frankly it's been a year since I played Quantic's Heavy Rain, and I still don't know if I liked it or not. I'd check out reviews on this. I'd possibly buy it if it rated well enough.

I've really enjoyed the Dead Space series so far. But I gotta say they do get to feeling a little monotonous. I'd buy this though unless I heard something terrible.

I heard really good things about that first Metro game. It sounds like something I'd like, but I gotta draw the line somewhere, and with the time I have to play, I usually cut it off at stuff that isn't AAA release type titles. It's unfortunate, but there's only so much I can do.

This is the first I've heard of Remember Me, and frankly it sounds pretty cool. But much like Metro, I just don't know if I have the time to commit to game by a company I've never played anything with, not Capcom, but Dontnod. But I'd certainly keep tabs on the reviews and see where they took me. The gameplay video looks awesome, and very much like it borrowed pretty heavily from the Assassin's Creed mechanics, so this would get a very strong maybe from me.

Agent, I'd say the same thing as most people ... it's Rockstar. I'd give it a shot for sure. But I was horribly disappointed with LA Noir, but whatever, I trust them enough to roll my 60 bucks worth of dice. I also don't think it's coming out anytime soon.

Grand Theft Auto V ... I'm already Pre-Ordered.

The Last of Us I'm also already pre-ordered on. I can't think any more highly of a video game than I do of the Uncharted Series, so once I found out these guys were doing this, it was an automatic for me. But then finding out it was a post apocolytic open world survival game ... I mean that's why I'm considering buying Metro, and that's a company I don't know and it's first person, so this was a gimme. I was under the impression it was coming out this year though. Frankly I'm fine if it doesn't, I'm still finishing ACIII, and I have Hitman on the shelf.

And Finally, Watchdogs. Much like above, I hold Assassin's Creed in extremely high regard, and with Ubisoft behind this, plus the 20 minute gameplay video I've watched, this is an automatic preorder for me too.
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