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Default Re: Official 2009 NBA Draft Thread

Originally Posted by starface
I dont watch much college bball so i'm not very familiar with the prospects other than highlights seen on sportscenter, but im a big proponent of drafting based on value rather than position need, with some limited exceptions.

The obvious hole on this team is SF - which i think is a shame because Al has the ability to be a really useful player. He has the tools to be a very good defender, he can finish at the rim well in transition, and at times he can create off the dribble. He might not have the entire package to be a Superstar, but if he played the right way he could be a very effective starter. Unfortunately at this point he's a liability on many nights rather than an asset. You can't help but wonder what he might learn if we had a different coach but unfortunately that point seems to be moot.

But with that being said, I still say go for value. Even if its a powerforward and you figure, there's not much room for him, if he's the best player on the board then take him and develop him off the bench, or trade him for an appropriate amount of value. Don't pass him over just because he wont start at PF right away. Think about Paul Millsap. He's been a terrific player off the bench for the Jazz, and has been so good that they dont have to be held ransom by Carlos Boozer's contract demands because they have Millsap coming up right behind him. So competition is never a bad thing. And it never hurts to have depth.

Personally i HOPE we end up with a stud PF. Our depth at that spot is terrible right now. What we really need is one of those strong, athletic PF's who beasts in the paint. Millsap, Maxielle, Bass, or on a larger scale, Stoudamire. None of our guys are really like that. Zach is a highly skilled post player, but he's not a guy who brings athleticism to the paint. Same thing with Camby and Kaman, and they're more in the Center mold anyway. We could really use one of those young, athletic beasts in the paint. The type that always seem to kill us when we play them. If the best player on the board when we draft is a guy like that, i think we have to take him, even if SF would seem to be the easiest position at which to fill in with someone new.

The only for sure player that will excel in the NBA to me right now is Blake Griffin. Greg Monroe is good because he can run the floor but I'm still iffy on him. Jordan Hill plays with energy but is a Chris Wilcox clone to me. If we can't get Griffin, maybe Monroe if he shows more in individual workouts. But like you said Starface, its great to bring in competition and that is what Al Thornton does not have right now. Im sure if we bring in Terrence Williams, Earl Clark, or Aminu, Al would surely have a tougher time in practice than guarding Mardy Collins or Ricky Davis. If it was up to me, take Griffin or Monroe, if both are gone, then trade down to draft Clark, Aminu, or T. Williams.
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