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Default Re: Official 2009 NBA Draft Thread

Originally Posted by qrich
Why would I be joking? Jeff is younger, and is averaging superior #'s throughout the board, except getting .4 less blocks:

Zach Randolph, Marcus Camby and Eric Gordon are the three main core guys besides Baron, and they are all perfect fits for Dunleavy's system. Only Al and Baron from the starting unit don't go in Dunleavy's systems. Baron, doesn't fit in ANY system that doesn't give him the green light to do as he wishes and Al is just inconsistent and a sissy, afraid of contact.

Plus, like I've noted a million times, Dunleavy makes near 7 mil a year. You think Sterling is going to pay him his money, but pay another coach and a GM around 3 mil each? Essentially, paying $13 mil for a coach and GM? No way in hell.

The stats don't really say much. Al is the 4th option on his team and is inconsistent, Jeff is the #2 guy and is playing almost the same as Al. Also he is a PF not a SF I don't see why we would need him.
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