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Originally Posted by HaNdLe ThE RoCk
i agree joey.

and vincedrives... i love watchin the nets, love jkidd, vc, and rj i just cant stop being a knick fan, if there was a second team in the east then i support nj unless they are playing ny but in the west its g.s.

understandable. you'r a true fan. those are rare.

here is how long I have been a Nets fan. this is an impassioned speech I gave to the Nets forum a few days ago:

All right, we've been through some tough times. The Ed O'Bannon years. The Coleman years. Dwayne Schintzius. Gheorghe Muresan. Yinka Dare. Kenny Anderson. Shawn Bradley. Kendall Gill. Chris Gatling. Drazen Petrovic (god bless his soul) Keith Van Horn. Ouch. Lowest home attendance in the league two decades straight. Damn right it hurts. But we've stuck with our team through it all. Things are looking up since J-Kidd joined the team, and with Carter and Jefferson healthy, we're winning the championship. Here's to the greatest basketball franchise and the best players in the league.
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