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Originally Posted by bagelred
The right direction is the opposite of everything Isiah has done.....

that was easy....

Easy and uninformative. That's a good way to steal a loss from the jaws of losing.

Seriously...because I really want to hear your stupidity...Lets say we all root against the Knicks this year and they lose.

Bagelred cheers - Isiah is fired.

And, according to Bagelred's cheering plan a new, perfect genius GM is hired along with the new perfect genius coach. They work together - with mastermind Bagelred - in ultiimate harmony with a collective goal of building and winning and, of course, doing it the "right way".

In this Bagelred utopia, what do the new, perfect genius GM and new perfect genius coach do?

(and start to throw blame Isiah's way is not an option, rememebr these guys are perfect geniuses, they don't play the blame game).

"Drats, foiled by Bagelred again"

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