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Originally Posted by obonpaxis

Dude. Don't compare a team that's 75 million OVER the cap to a team that doesn't even have ACCESS to the full salary cap yet.

Still though--being more like the Bobcats wouldn't be a bad idea for the Knicks.

One team just went 26-56 and has a payroll of $33,458,932 ("fair salary" of 35.62m*).

The other team just went 23-59 and has a payroll of $126,610,272 ( "fair salary" of 37.97m).

One team just drafted a guy who had a decent showing in the NIT tournament. The other team just drafted the NCAA's leading scorer.

At this point, I would probably choose Felton over Marbury, Brevin over Skeevy Fakechise, Gerald Wallace over Jamal Crawford, Adam Morrison over Jalen Rose, and Emeka over Channing Frye. Primoz and Curry both suck. IT may argue that Curry still has an incredible upside, but the bottom line is that after five years in the league--he's still a fatasss albatross with a bad ticker.

29 of 30 NBA GMs would agree that the 'Cats are in better shape right now and will be for the next few seasons.

If you wanna compare the Knicks with who they REALLY should be compared with, try the team with 2nd-highest payroll (that would be Dallas).


You might say the Knicks are in the "Land of the Lost".....
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