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Default Blizzard Games

I grew up playing Blizzard games, and was addicted to each and every one of them, except WoW, which I've never played.

I read a "confirmed" rumor (confirmed is in quotes because it came from some Korean magazine) that Blizzard is announcing their next game soon and then showing it off in detail at their convention in August. We certainly don't need a rumor to let us know that they will make another game some day and it's been a few years since the release of their last one, so I'm beliving this one.

What game do you guys hope they will make (if you care at all)?

Options are basically: Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, or something totally new.

I haven't had a video game that I really liked in a long time, so I'm hoping they put out something fun that can get me back to my time-wasting ways.

And a different but similar question: If you ran the company, what game would you release as the best business strategy? Personally, I'd keep Diablo aside until it's ready to be World of Warcraft's successor (and the proper time to do that is when subscriptions start to taper off, or when a competitor releases a game that threatens your monopoly). They could have a game like that continually in development without announcing it, and if they get to spend 10 years working on it before they need to release it, great! They can afford that (and justify the expense).

In the meantime, I'd release SC2 or some other game in that genre. It's been 10 years since Starcraft, and maybe 5 (?) years since Warcraft 3. Certainly time to fill that void.

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