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Default Re: What are your all time favorite games?

Originally Posted by fsvr54
So Helblade is really good then? Worth a shot? I always overlooked it because no one really raved about it.

Right now I'm playing Dying Light. Good early ps4 game; while I wait for Days Gone, whixh comes out next week.

Also had gotten Shenmue 1 and 2 for ps4, the first one has some glaring flaws ( all the damn waiting), but I've read they improve a lot with the second. Interesting game so far, dated though.
Hellblade is the best indy game i've played, it's practically AAA. Very dark and morbid story, nothing else comparible to it narrative wise.

Mechanics and game play are a similar to GOW puzzle solving and Soulsbourne fighting. Check out some walkthroughs

Not a super long game, but well worth it for $20 or when it's on sale
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