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Default Re: ever use the finger roll or sky hook ?

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
Yea that's what I'm saying nobody does it like him... I can't understand why he developed that shot tho. I mean that had to just be natural cus yea you have to shoot that far away from the basket to get it over the bigs... and the percentage seems like it would be terrible.

I don't like floaters. If they happen, it's by accident. IMO it's better to just UP n UNDER, or Eurostep, or fly in on them because if they go up with you it's usually a foul, and if they stay ground you should be posterizing them.

A floater over a defender and going hard to shoot on a defender are 2 different things, remember. The floater is usually that soft 1 hand shot with a high arc, usually released before contact/closing defenders
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