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Originally Posted by fatboy11
You can never go wrong with a good big man.

C - Aldridge/Brezec
PF - Okafor/May

Melvin Ely can be used in a sign and trade for a wing.

Look at the trends of the NBA. Every good team needs a scoring 2 guard for example Dwayne Wade. I'm not saying Brandon Roy is Dwayne Wade but Roy is not only an excellent player but he fills a need. With 5 young starters in Felton, Roy, Wallace, Okafor, and Brezec you can pick the area you want to upgrade in the 07 free agent class. Plus Aldridge can't play Center in the NBA, he is too frail but I will agree he is an excellent inside scorer. If the Bobcats do take Roy, they need a 3 point shooter via free agency or the draft, I say Steve Novak in round 2 would be an unbaleivable steal. Darius Washington Jr. would be a steal as well to replace Brevin Knight if they trade him. The Bobcats future is bright with a lot of options if you ask me.
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