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Default Re: Who can the Lakers get in 2014 FA????

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Lakers 91 and longtime lurker, thank you guys for the excellent posts, this is the type of discussion we need to have on ISH
I apologize for my part of the garbage that happened in some other threads....stuff that I did not start.

I seriously question whether we should sign Pau at any price after this season, he is very injury prone, unwilling to play through it and will only get worse......just my opinion.
I do hope Kobe forgets about the money and takes a major cut to help the team.

Thanks for the compliment wanted to use that emoticon that was a good enough excuse

I for some reason just want Pau to stay, I think he's been treated rather harshly in how he has been criticized, I don't think you have him as a bench player for next season I mean he's earning close to $20 million this season I think 19 or 18 and also I would like to see him at center back at his imo more natural position and I don't think we have anymore other options/able to bring him off the bench anyway and I hope he does good this year, but I think if you re-sign him for a cheap amount then I think bringing him off the bench could be a good idea, he might be 34 or 35 by that time but I think for the age I think his skillset is likely to I'm not saying it won't age at all but I think his skills might last longer than some others his age, he's more of a finesse bigman, no he's not the huge Shaq type figure or Bynum or Dwight in that mold and gets called soft a lot but I think I'd rather use the word finesse, he's averaged 10 rebounds a number of years so I don't think soft is the right word to describe Pau, although brute strength obviously isn't his strength it's a game based on skill. I think his game is under appreciated not to mention hiring a coach with a system that didn't work very well for him and didn't appreciate him either or at least it appeared that way. I agree he has been injury prone this season but when he is healthy even aging I think as a member off the bench it could be quite a useful weapon, I mean what else has our bench done in previous years? Not that much in comparison to look at potentially in 2015 having Pau as a bench member, who showed signs this year towards the end of being the Pau of old or more so the Pau with confidence than Pau of old imo, I think it's a good idea. Then again I am I don't know whether I'd say a big Pau fan more so I just think he's given a lot of unfair criticism.

You would think at this stage of his career or hope Kobe could care less about the money, I mean he's worth what more than 150 million? I think I saw something say 220 million as his net worth, that and even after he retires as a personality I think he'd remain popular not as popular as Jordan after he retired he has a virtual personality cult lol, but I think he'd still be able to sell merchandise and everything after retirement, not that he would really need to, I don't see him worrying as much about the money or I hope he doesn't I mean even if he takes $2-3 million a year I mean after taxes that's still more than a million a year might sound odd that he'd take so little but I mean what is the average wage a year in America? Here it's about 65-70 I can't remember the latest stats, I mean compare that to just a minimum contract if the average wage over there is similar I mean it's still a heck of a lot of money, and to someone who probably shouldn't need it lol, I think or hope at this stage he signs on for very little and shows to other potential free agents that he doesn't care about the money I only care about winning, and I will not hinder cap room for you and others to come here to win a championship type thing (although he wouldn't say that I think that's the ideal way to try and make the situation appear)

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