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Default Re: Rose's surgery was a success, had it this morning

Originally Posted by Go Getter
By all accounts it takes 12 months to get back to 100% normal. To me, and I'm not sure about this, Rose likes to play the game in a certain way. I think for him to do this he needs to be totally healthy. Bringing him back into the fray when his timing is off and the whole league is in shape and in form imo is a recipe for disaster.

Yeah and believe me if that's what it takes then so be it, but they give that range of a timeframe because it's possible to come back in less time. Also at the end of that given range they give it's for the athlete to return to normal activities so it doesn't mean that he won't be able to run or shoot or anything like that until the end of the range. It may take 10-12 months but he may be able to start shooting and jogging/running after 8 months or so.
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