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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Houston Rockets Edition

1. What motivated Dwight Howard's move to Houston more...Championships or Happiness?
Championships. I honestly believe Dwight has a sincere desire to win a title. I remember when his Magic lost his Lakers, he wanted Jameer to join him to watch LAL celebrate winning, as way to motivate him and Jameer to try harder the next year. Sure, that's in the past and in recent years Dwight hasn't shown the same type of dedication. But I think it's still in there somewhere.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Chandler Parsons is a legitimate 3rd option on a Championship team.
True. He can pretty much do everything on O - shoot, drive, dribble, pass, maybe even post? Is he great at anything? No, not yet at least. But he can do a lot.

3. Apologize to Daryl Morey for everything you said about him in the past. Go ahead. Apologize. Make it good.
Nothing to apologize about!

4. The best point guard on the Rockets is.....
Jeremy Lin. Beverly is good. Brooks can be good. But Lin can run the pick and roll, drive and dish, and besides some turnover issues, is just better overall, imo. Though Beverly is close.

5. The Houston Rockets are not winning a championship until they _______ ?
Gel together and mature I guess? The roster is worthy of winning a title and McHale can coach. Only thing is, they need to learn to play together w/ Dwight and all their roster is still pretty young, though it's got some good vets now.
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