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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Houston Rockets Edition

1. What motivated Dwight Howard's move to Houston more...Championships or Happiness?

Happiness. Houston is one piece away from being a real contender.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Chandler Parsons is a legitimate 3rd option on a Championship team.

False. He is only getting highlighted because the Rockets before had no real superstars aside from Harden. He's a good role player ala Mike Miller. but not a legit 3rd option like Bosh.

3. Apologize to Daryl Morey for everything you said about him in the past. Go ahead. Apologize. Make it good.

No. He lucked out, pure and simple. If Howard doesn't sign, all his retarded moves would have stayed retarded.

4. The best point guard on the Rockets is.....

Jeremy Lin. Yeah, that's how bad their other point guards are. And no. James Harden is a shooting guard, no matter how much he handles the ball during crunch time.

5. The Houston Rockets are not winning a championship until they _______ ?

get knock down shooters that can rival the Heat's shooters.


SUPERMAN II?: Will Dwight Howard finally improve his offense by working with Hakeem and Mchale?

He better. If he doesn't, he will never win a championship.
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