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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Houston Rockets Edition

1. What motivated Dwight Howard's move to Houston more...Championships or Happiness?
A -- I guess happiness, because I don't see the championship aspirations unless Howard is 100% healthy this year, AND was not last year. The Houston roster is too similar to the Lakers roster, and they also play a style that doesn't benefit Howard.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Chandler Parsons is a legitimate 3rd option on a Championship team.
A -- False, but he is only the fourth option on his current team.

3. Apologize to Daryl Morey for everything you said about him in the past. Go ahead. Apologize. Make it good.
A -- No need to apologize. He's my favorite GM in the league.

4. The best point guard on the Rockets is.....
A -- Depends on what you want from your PG. But I would have to say Lin because he can score and create for others.

5. The Houston Rockets are not winning a championship until they _______

A -- Win 4 out of 7 games in the NBA finals


SUPERMAN II?: Will Dwight Howard finally improve his offense by working with Hakeem and Mchale?
A -- At this point in his career, I would be surprised if he ever improved his offensive scoring ability. Passing, on the other hand... possibly.
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