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Default Re: Can Anybody on This Board Sing?

Originally Posted by Dizzle-2k7
damn Kwajo... dont just brag about it. Offer some tips.
I would, but there isn't a whole lot of correlation between the kind of singing that sells these days, and classical opera. I mean obviously singing is singing, but my vocal style and training can't operate that well outside of classical and folk music. I can try to sing lots of styles, but those are the ones my voice is best suited to (I'm a bass with a wee bit of baritone range as well).

The best advice, as with all music, is to practice. If you think you have a unique voice, you need to hone it, develop a style and work on technical aspects of singing, like projection and breathing. Do breathing exercises, practice your pronunciation of consonants so that people can hear the words you sing properly, and work on singing out from your chest and head, not your throat. Do scales to practice your pitch, work on extending your range so that you can sing a wider variety of music, and work toward purity of tone and accuracy before flair and showy twittering.

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