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Originally Posted by statman32
What is it with all these OLD Lakers fans? Did the same guy introuduce you all to ISH at your local retirement home? :

HAHAHAHA Too funny. I must admit that I am retired but my retirement home is the same home I have lived in when I was working. I was actually able to retire at the very young age of 48. I have been a poster on the NFL boards for years (football is still my favorite, with basketball second) but just recently found this Lakers forum. So that is why I am new to this. Being older means I am supposed to be wiser so I am going to try to not gloat all over Suns posts from this point forward. And I will try my BEST not to lash back at trolls who bash the Lakers and Kobe and Phil Jackson, etc. Notice I said I will TRY. I will NOT guarantee that I don't gloat over Celtics misfortunes though. That is asking TOO MUCH to those arrogant Boston/New England fans.
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