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Originally Posted by statman32
I said Suns fans bashing the Lakers. You dont see much of that on ISH.

Most of the hate shouldnt be seen as a sign of respect. I dont hate guys like you/gts/sizz/frank/ld/socal/freak/picc. Its guys like Kappy/NewYorkUscTrogon/Konex/DKLaker/others that piss me off. They are doing nothing right and shouldnt be commended for there actions. I would think that the majority of good Lakers fans would admit that there are ALOT of Lakers trolls. I know there are also Jordan/Anti Kobe trolls that I cant stand but they at least stay out of most Suns threads so I dont have to deal with them.

Your funny!! I just spent the last hour reading your posts, and it seems to me that you do a lot of trolling yourself, along with about 6 other trolls that's constantly on the Lakers Forum or NBA Forum bashing the Lakers or Kobe. You talk about posters staying out of the Suns threads, what about you? BTW, I only BASH posters when they BASH me first. Do I get excited when the Lakers win, heck yes....their my team. .... And, do I get upset when someone dogs the Lakers or Kobe (which is all the time), heck yes....again, their my team, and I'm going to defend them. I think you may need to take a look at your own posts before you start pointing fingers at others!!!

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