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Default Re: Where should Kenyon Martin sign? Decision may be soon

Originally Posted by Basketbolero
Are you seriously using Reggie Evans to validate your point? Yes, Butler chose Clippers, I already mentioned it. He is doing great and I know many teams wanted him, but let's not act like stars are lining up to play for them.

Keeping it on topic, I don't think Martin would be much of a factor for the Clippers. In fact, there are very few situations that make sense for both himself and the team signing him. The scary thing is Miami is one of them. He has made a shitload of money already and I can see him enjoying the idea of playing for a contender.

Actually they are. Multiple stars have been linked to the Clippers and have said they would play there. Hell Deron Williams supposedly had the Clippers as a top 3 option. Nonetheless the Clippers won this offseason and Neil Olshey will win executive of the year. If you still have the mentality that the Clippers aren't among the most desirable destinations in the NBA... you are in for a lot of disappointment.

BTW are you saying Reggie Evans wouldn't be a huge role player addition to any contending team? Him and Butler both called the Clipper choice no brainers.
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