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Default Re: Guy from "Super Size Me" finds Osama Bin Laden and Interviews him..

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
U.S has been offered Bin Laden a few times and they declined..

The one time I remember clearly is not long after 911 the taliban offered Bin Laden to the US government but they wanted to see the evidence that Bin Laden was indeed responsible... The U.S scoffed (because we dont need to show anybody anything... ) and Bin Laden stayed free...

I have read other officials state that at various times leads have been given on the whearabouts of bin laden and the U.S has done nothing..

I mean, Isnt he supposedly in Pakistan right now?

thats the type of mentality that is killing this country. That is the mentality that took us to Iraq. When everyone said no, we were just worried about our pride ("How dare they say no to us") and forced our way in. ****ing idiots are ruling this nation.

Didn't Bush say he is not worried about finding Osama Bin Laden? I remember that and went "WHAT THE ****".
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