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Default Re: Teach an old schooler about "Jorts"

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I could be wrong about that but I can remember being told that when in extreme heat more clothes is actually better...and that soldiers are taught that as well

^^^ which is why you see that...they are actually staying shaded doing that, and trapping in their sweat

granted I am sure they smell like pure death, but that is what I was told
Not to repeat myself, but I really think trapping sweat is the last thing a person would want to do in order to stay cool. It's the evaporation of sweat that cools the body. As such, as previously mentioned, that's why humid days feel so terrible (because the sweat does not evaporate as quickly due to their being so much moisture already in the air). As such, to consciously disallow one's sweat to evaporate as a means of keeping cool would be very misguided. When people wear a lot of clothing in very hot regions, the reasons could be religious based or they could simply be effective ways of shielding one's body from relentless UV rays. However, I do not believe adding more clothing to trap sweat in order to cool oneself down would ever make sense.

Moreover, as much as some people are not fans of shorts, I'm betting they may have further disdain for flip-flops and/or sandals. However, much of our own body heat is released through our feet so if staying cool is one's goal, not rocking socks and/or shoes everywhere you go in the summer will help.

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