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Originally Posted by PacerRaptor
ya they were like 5 games above you guys, but they werent stupid enough to trade away their 1st round pick to the bulls and they are in wayyyyy better shape than the knicks are in the long run....last year, ok it was like 5 games difference, but toronto had a wayyy less salary than the knicks did...thats the main difference between them two...toronto had a **** record but this year they made up for it, they got the 1st pick and they made some trades, what did NYK do, pick up Jerrfies and make Thomas the coach???? great job!!!!!!!

whod you pick up? unproven bargnani man shut up in the long run frye will be a allstar and lee will tear up the league jeffries might be the part we need for the playoffs just like said, atleast we have playoff talk and playoff hopes, raps just keep thinking about the future, dont get me wrong..i like some of the raptors, i loved villanueva i like tj ford and chris bosh a lot its just these fans that annoy me..chris bosh isnt bringing the raptors to the playoffs
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