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Default Re: B3's Mock Draft (March Edition)

Originally Posted by mjsenno
How many PG's does Memphis need? Maybe they should draft one every year, Lowry, Conley, now Mayo? Lopez is a good pick for them.

McGee is an interesting pick with NJ at 11. I like his game and status better than DeAndre Jordan, who I see as a huge risk.

Dante' Green should stay at Syracuse, not ready. I think Bayless and Budinger might be a package deal, both stay or both go. If they go, Budinger is Top 15.
Mayo is a 2 guard and there is noise coming out of Memphis that both Lowry and Navarro will be out next year. I doubt that Brooklyn has the athleticism to run in the system that Iavaroni wants to run. None of the big men in the top end of the lottery have the speed, athleticism, and skills combination to play effectively in the Run N Gun so you take the best player available.
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