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Default Re: Lol Come Pared Dwight Howard to Kwame Browm

Dwight Howard was once skinny and doubted.

As a seventh-grade point guard for Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, Dwight was often overshadowed by players at larger schools in the hotbed of A-Town prep basketball. “I was really skinny and went to a smaller Christian school. No one thought I’d ever make it out or do anything with my basketball career,” he recalls. “I kept my trust and faith in God. He told me that if I kept him first in my life, he’d take care of the rest.”

Not much changed for Dwight his eighth-grade season. Despite his claims, nobody believed that the 5’10” skinny kid could throw it down. That is, until he gathered his friends on the basketball court and said, “Watch this!” Dwight drove toward the hoop, elevated and dunked the ball in front of everyone, offering a glimpse of the kind of ability that was growing inside him. Still, by his own account, “It was like a Reggie Miller dunk. I didn’t move the rim or the backboard, and the net didn’t even shake. I was still happy about it, though.”

Dwight Howard grew up fast.

Once Dwight entered high school, he began growing into the freakish form we know today. He made varsity immediately and was moved to power forward, due in large part to the fact that he sprouted seven inches in one year to hit 6’9”. Throughout this growth spurt and position change, Dwight maintained the footwork, quickness, elevation and ball control he had as a guard, making him unstoppable against small-school opponents.
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