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Default ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Los Angeles Clippers Edition

We continue our series which is not similar to any other sports websites idea....called....... ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS.

So let's go through the league alphabetically, shall we?

Previous teams:

Atlanta Hawks:
Boston Celtics:
Brooklyn Nets:
Charlotte Bobcats:
Chicago Bulls:
Cleveland Cavaliers:
Dallas Mavericks:
Denver Nuggets:
Detroit Pistons:
Golden State Warriors:
Houston Rockets:
Indiana Pacers:

Today's team?


PG - Paul/Collison/Wayns
SG - Redick/Crawford/Green
SF - Dudley/Barnes/Bullock
PF - Griffin/Jamison/Mullens
C - Jordan/Hollins

Head Coach - Doc Rivers
General Manager - Gary Sacks

1. TRUE or FALSE: This is the year Blake Griffin steps up and plays up to his hype.

2. On a suckage scale of 1 to 10...(1 being just run of the mill sucking, 10 being the suckiest player that ever sucked), how much does DeAndsuck Jordan suck? And can Doc Rivers help Jordan reduce his suckage at least to a reasonable suckage level?

3. TRUE or FALSE: Despite Redick's and Dudley's positive offensive impact and high bball IQ's, those positives will be negated by their poor defense.

4. The one thing Doc Rivers can do that Vinny Del African-American couldn't is.....

5. Will the Clippers get themselves together and actually do damage this season?

BONUS AWARD PRESENTATION: The Floppys!! The Nominees are:

Chris Paul...with DeMarcus Cousins defending: claps.....
Blake Griffin....with Jason Maxiell defending: claps......

BONUS: And The Floppy goes to......opening envelope.......who?

You can elaborate on your answers.

Next up: Los Angeles Lakers. Have a Five Question suggestion for the Lakers? Send me a PM with ideas.

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