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Default Re: Sam Vincent Update (LMAO!)

Maybe the HAHAHAHA should be directed at MJ for hiring Sam Vincent in the first place. Vincent did the best he could, he just wasn't very good. MJ should have better judgment by now.

My concern, to be honest, is that the Bobcats will spend yet another season as one of the laughing-stocks of the NBA and it will once again be because of the head coach--not on his coaching abilities but on his player-related decisions. I had/have my heart set on the Cats being able to sign Antawn Jamison or someone of his caliber, thinking that the Cats new coach would excite veteran players about signing with our team. Enough already of being a 'young' team.

Okay, I've been negative enough already. But I wait for some good news and more fact-based opinions than mine that will give me a more clear picture of the year ahead.
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