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Originally Posted by geeWiz15

the following is not a rant at you just in general.

I think it's a rite of passage for all college bound kids to have to take an unreasonably long and extremely faulty test. the ACT is nothing more than an out for kids who don't have attention spans. If you can't handle a 5 hour test do you think you can handle 3 kids and a high pressure job in the real world? don't think so. SAT wins on that alone. it's long and it's hard and it's stupid just like life. Im not a fan of the ACT.

I also heard from a friend of activist groups trying to get rid of the SAT and make the ACT universal. I guess it's just one more way to make everything easy for kids these days. colleges lowering standards all over the place, college grads can't name the Vice Prez, high school graduates can't add and subtract. it's pathetic. in calculus we can do basically everything in seconds on a graphing calculator. used to be people had to look up trig functions in a book and work them out by hand, they had slide rules, it was work, it was hard and it required logic every step of the way. now calculus is a joke. just like school.

there both easy...try a real test like the LSAT or the MCATs than get back to me. You take the SAT on cruise control time shouldnt be a factor but those other tests are totally different.
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