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Default Re: 2017 NBA Playoffs 1st Round GT: Cleveland Cavaliers (2) vs. Indiana Pacers (7)

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
...and one thing none of the pundits seem to be discussing in their over-analyzing of the Cavs' weaknesses (which exist, no doubt) is that their offensive rating was the best of any team in the first round by a good margin.

Not everything is rosy and I think they could potentially lose in the East this year, if due to nothing else than mental/physical fatigue ... but the things that the Cavs do well, they do REALLY well. The LBJ/Kyrie P&R with Love and Korver/JR spotting up and TT rolling behind them is arguably the most potent half-court offensive set in these playoffs, by any team.

They do tend to get into shootouts where they will just try to outscore the opponent and that's a problem. They also tend to do the least amount possible to skate by with a win, which won't work against the most elite competition.

But, the way some people talk about this team is over-the-top. They're still really f#cking good.
Yeah definitely, their offense is awesome and Lebron is the man. Anybody still hating on him needs to stfu.
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