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Default Re: In the next 6 games you are going to see why Bynum is more valuable than Kobe....

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
He's given them a more than solid low post presence on defense and on offense which they were SORELY lacking. He's put up several monster games, is an intimidater, etc. etc.

Put it this way, the Lakers didn't start to look like a top team until what happened? Bynum came of age. Kobe isn't playing any better than he has before, he's shooting 44% in fact. There are several factors in the Lakers play, but the most important has certainly been Bynum's emergence. I don't really see how you can deny that.

Like I said, I'm not saying Bynum DEFINITELY has been his equal or better only that this attitude of it not even being worthy of discussion is absurd.
i think that reaction sparks because the threads tend to come from people who are out to sh!t on kobe for the sake of sh!tting on kobe - generally because it makes them feel better about lebron or duncan or dirk or whoever. even if bynum's argument is valid, there is an instinctive reaction against known haters spouting off. personally i just don't agree. i think kobe brings much more to the table than bynum does, but they will miss him. just not as much as the op is suggesting.

The Lakers should be able to maintain close to their current level of play then. Let's watch and see shall we.

give them a couple games to adjust to losing a starter, and assuming all their other bigs are healthy and in shape (i'm not sure about some of them), i would expect them to not maintain their pace but to "tread water" as i said, which would be to win about 50 - 55% of their games. there's more to winning than just who plays. there's chemistry and there's strength of schedule. i think a phil jackson team should adjust quickly and not lose too many at first, but i know the strength of schedule is rough in the first week. they would have been happy to win 3 out of 5 of those games WITH bynum. then it will just be a matter of their other bigs stepping up.

EDIT - just found out that mihm and vlad are both hurt. that's actually much worse news than it sounds like because kwame is a foul magnet and turiaff is too small to play center consistantly. sounds like you were actually right thread starter. they don't have a competent back up C, so they are going to suffer. they'll need monster games from the perimeter guys just to stay afloat.

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