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Default Re: In the next 6 games you are going to see why Bynum is more valuable than Kobe....

Originally Posted by Younggrease
The Lakers have really good chemistry and seem to be playing for each other...Kwame has been playing hard and with heart and I think if they play together and Kobe rises to the occasion they can really steady the ship hopefully still get homecourt...

If Kobe does rise to the occasion and the team togetherness doesn't fall apart over confusion about how they fit into Kobe's style of play THEN I will feel that I was wrong about him. But I have seen enough from him to have major doubts.

A good big man has more impact than a great swingman: it is the nature of the game.

Exactly, unless your name says Jordan with a 23 underneath it. Even Lebron who is waaaay more of a complete player than Kobe is probably going to need a great big man or a couple of very good ones to get that chip.
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