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Default Re: In the next 6 games you are going to see why Bynum is more valuable than Kobe....

Originally Posted by nba_on_nbc
Actually it's 13/10/2 and 2 blocks on 63% shooting in 28mpg. The interesting thing is he's #1 in the entire NBA in Fg%, #2 in Ts%, #6 in rebound rate, #7 in block rate and #2 in offensive rating. That's incredibly efficient no matter how you look at it.

His win shares in 14 compared to Kobe's 16. Per 22.8 vs. Kobe's 24.8. His +/- numbers and Roland rating is almost identical to Kobe's, too. I don't think his impact is necessarily equal or bigger than Kobe at the moment but when you consider the fact that he's a shotblocking and intimidating big man that effects the game more than a guard, I don't think it's completely outrageous for someone to think that he's close.

Given that criteria, I could assert that Bynum is among the company of players like Steve Nash, D. Wade, Yao Ming, and AI, and it wouldn't be "completely outrageous."

Unfortunately, people aren't simply asserting that he's close (which most still wouldn't agree with), but rather that he has exceeded Bryant... that the Lakers are still a good team with Bynum and merely a meiocre team with Bryant.
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