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Default Re: Games you are going to get this year

Originally Posted by clipse026
Sleeping Dogs is multi plat unless you meant The Last of Us. But yes, both of them look awesome .

Wait I'm thinking of a entirely different game. Just saw Sleeping Dogs and that isnt the game I was speaking of. Neither is Last of Us but that does look like an awesome game.

The game I'm thinking of was similar to GTA and Assasins Creed. They showed a clip of a guy walkin in a city using a cell phone of some kind listening to conversations. He was walkin in the rain in the street, entered a building then got chased outside. Got into a shootout. Graphics were on point. And it had the mini map/radar similar to Assasins Creed as well as the weapon list like AC.

Cant think of the name. F*ck. I know someone made a thread here i'l search the last 2 pages.
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