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Default Re: What do you realistically expect from Carmelo Anthony this season

I expect great things....maybe not statistically, but effectiveness. Maybe 25/6.5/3.5 on 46%, but will fit those stats within the best team he's played on in the NBA.

A roster that can not only spread the floor with one guy, like a billups or A.I. before him. Not a team trying to fit in a Wesley Persons off waivers to be the team's only shooter going into the postseason, or a team with JR Smith as the only outside threat (and he has to come off the bench, because he's inconsistent) A team that can have multiple options from the perimeter, and a legit second option in Amare, not Kenyon Martin, or A.I. On his way out of the league.

For the first time, he's got an offense properly built around his strengths, and I think he'll take off
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