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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Me personaly would rather have the following PG's over Kidd for the rest of the year

If i was gunning for a championship now? Id take kidd immediately...

If my target is the long run, id get deron...but id take both if possible....

See here is, kidd isnt the half court player, he's as much a runner as nash is, and it hurts to see him trying to push the ball but no one is running with him. Thing is, in a team with as much offensive weapons as the nets potentially have (carter, RJ, are legit 20+, and kristic when he's back can regularly drop 16, and when boki gets hot.....) you dont really need your pg to score but occasionally.

besides, as far as around 40% shooting goes, that's pretty decent since he throws up just what, 10-15 attempts a night?
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