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Default Re: Wade on Lebron: "Hes not even the best basketball player on the planet"

Originally Posted by Clifton
Has anyone watched these games? Is he just getting a lot of easy baskets inside because of defensive lapses, more than usual? Or is he actually taking people to school all over the court, Larry Bird-style?

When a guy is shooting 60%+, or 50%+ from 3, I immediately disregard it. Tyson Chandler is a 70% shooter... because he has no offensive ability and only dunks the ball off a pass or putback. OJ Mayo shot 50% from 3..... then he started to miss.

Im not even sure if LeBron had a bucket in the fastbreak yesterday. Most (if not at all) came in the halfcourt. Most were jumpers or threes. Maybe two layups. He is just a beast
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