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Default Re: Is Godzuki the BIGGEST Loser on ISH?

Originally Posted by Godzuki
yeah the crazy thing is he also lied about making that whole betting thread after it got deleted, he also lied about ever posting a pic of himself, almost everything he says is a lie. lol @ him now saying his friend got on his account

and he keeps posting like he's some saint or trying to attack me for things he's done himself. i mean Millwad is playing the immature card on me lol. i can get a lot of others doing that, in fact most posters here, but millwad? that guy is unbelievable

Dude, post the pic of me, don't claim that you actually saw a pic of me without saving it and while you're at it, post a pic of yourself.

And yes, I play the immature card on you, you're a 30-40 year old korean man who have spent the last 6 years on ISH beefing with people and you've written the most silly punchlines ever. You're even the most banned poster ever..

While people at your age are with their families, wife and kids and have real jobs, you work at your dads body shop as a simple mechanic and then you come home and beef with people on the net. You're a grown man for god sake, people at your age don't beef on the net or write "punchlines" like; fgt, turtle dikk, tranny etc.
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