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Default Re: Question about White/Black issue

Originally Posted by AtTheDriveIn
Because they all live in the 'ghetto' right?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what they try and stay clear of. I mean the adults though. The ones who want jobs, who want their stupid ignorant wannabe gangsta, already addicted to the American culture sons and/or daughters to have a good life?

Give me some evidence that says Mexico is better then USA, and also, if it there was so much more room, and so good over there, why aren't any Americans moving down there?

Yeah it sure is what they try to stay clear of, but where do you think the jobs are???? yeah the big city's. Can they afford an apartment in overlooking centeral park? no They go to the ghettos.....

Find me some evidence that says Mexico is that much worse than the the American ghettos. Not only do they have to deal with same things they do in Mexico they have to deal with Americans not wanting them here.
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