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Default Re: i need advice, just found out the girl im sleeping with is pregnant.

Originally Posted by LJJ
That's a pure legal status you are referring to. I some countries it is considered a person, in some it isn't. It's more of philosophical question than a scientific one.

At what point would you consider a fetus a person?

At the point it's aborted it's a mass of cells. Any one anti abortion is a fool, why does it matter what other people do to you? Don't have better things to do with your life other then trying to prevent other people from their own choices about their own bodies? And no I've never taken part in any abortion and neither have any of my friends but they all laugh at these idiots who try and argue it shouldn't be allowed. It's common sense people. If your banning that let's ban people jacking off, same result let's see how quick the douchebags drop their arguments then.
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