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Originally Posted by Crazy Style
This year they're not going to get through the Heat so it doesn't matter, but the Bulls aren't losing anything with out Schenscher. Their biggest players are Malik Allen (6'10) P.J. Brown (6'11) and Martynas Andriukevicius (7'2). Luke is 7'1 but other than that there's nothing special about him, plus he's very raw. I'm sure we'll get a big man in next years draft and it is said that there's going to be a lot of talented ones. Once P.J. Brown retires, the Bulls will probably have to look for a significant big man in free agency. In a year the Bulls will most likely have their 7'0 center to back up Wallace, hopefully it's someone that has low post offensive skills. The pick will be determined according to how the Knicks play since the Bulls have their fist round pick. I'm not saying that this will happen, but if the Knicks were to have the worst record or win the draft lottery then that would mean the Bulls would select Greg Oden, truley the best big man in the draft. Imagine that.Who ever is selected in draft may later become a future starter for the team once Ben leaves. If we get one of the top five picks it's almost sure that player will be great, picks 6-10 should also have really good big men so things are looking bright for the teams future. To have a lottery pick two years in a row, while being a playoff team is really a great thing. It's important that they take it to their advantage.

Well, it's going to be Heat, Cavs or Pistons probably all of which are big teams. I don't care about next year right now, I care about this year. What is Andre Barrett going to do? You can get guys like him easy. All in all the both suck and will get no PT so the point is moot.
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