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Default Re: Zach Randolph! Really?

Originally Posted by jailer
I mean to be honest we need a post threat. Randolph scores and rebounds well. He is only 27 which means the last years on this contract are all going to be in his prime. My problem with him is that shoots to much. That and he barely plays defense. He dosent avg any defensive numbers.

Would this be the worst thing for the grizz to Because they get a low post threat that can rebound. Is this the best thing for the grizz to Doing this basiclly takes almost all of our cap room which means that resigning players and getting a good free agent are gone.
Do you really think that Randolph, Gay and Mayo can co-exist on one team? We'd need 2 balls just to supply Randolph and a further 2 balls for Gay and Mayo. So unless the NBA allows a team to play with 4 balls in a game, this will be an absolutely attrocious year for the Grizzlies.

Not to mention guys like Lowry, Conley, Gasol, Warrick and Arthur need to get their touches, where the hell are their touches going to come from? They will never see the damn ball and not one of them will improve or mature as players, because they will never get to see the ball with Mayo, Gay and Randolph on the same team.
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