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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Money 23
It was bogus from the 2nd that guy takes out two HUGE dudes in an elevator when he's trying to thwart the pimp hand in training.

The opening scene is supposed to be violent, but it was SO cartoonish. Like I said, it's like Untouchables meets Dick Tracy, yet it isn't purposely trying to be like Dick Tracey, and at least that film acknowledges it is a cartoon and is supposed to be over the top.

You seen any new movies lately, bro? You still have to check Silver Lining's Playbook.
I watched first 20 minutes of it with my cousin, both him and me were high and that movie depressed the shit out of us for some reason. Bradley Cooper's flip flopping and fast dialogue gave us headaches, we walked out in 25 minutes.

Gotta watch it again with a clear mind. I hate paying 25$ for one short movie. I like to go little earlier and watch 2-3 movies to clear up all the new releases. Otherwise it seems like a waste.
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