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Default Re: Does everyone agree that we're on a timeline of infinity?

Originally Posted by knickballer
God created the world 2000 years ago silly.
The bible doesn't say this for the record, nor does it give enough info to come to that conclusion
But in all seriousness it's a question that we aren't capable of comprehending. So much unknowns and so much shit we don't know(we barely scratch the surface...)
I agree in a way. But I think given long thought you come to the conclusion that something has most likely always existed(that existence didn't have a beginning)
To answer your question I don't think we are on a timeline of infinity as there must be a start everywhere, or that's what my human mind wants me to think.. But if that's the case how did it get created? And how did that get created? Does that substitute for god? It's like the chicken or the egg question.
Whatever happened wouldn't sit well with the mind if we found out

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