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Originally Posted by mr sax
For whatever reason, you just don't like Mike Brown. It works out perfectly for you so that you can blame Mike Brown if the Lakers get knocked out of the playoffs like they did last year when Phil Jackson was the coach. Do you think Phil Jackson is a "nitwit" too? Just sayin' is all...

The bigger disappointment with more than half of this forum was that Mike Brown was hated on right after he was hired. he hadn't been given a fair shot, and just because in the very beginning when there was chemistry problems, people never factored in the lockout, or the players being out of shape, or the timeline for training camp.

This whole season was expected to be the way it happened. So far there were no surprises to me, other than the blossoming of Bynum, which was a good surprise.

Kobe himself said at the end of the regular season that his relationship with Mike Brown was better than ever. But hey, if its never in the best interest of the person debating, nobody acknowledges it.
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