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Default Re: Drafted for Roto, how did it go?

Hey Ben! long time no see. Good to see you back in the fantasy Forum!!

Your team doesn't look too bad. Two players I'm weary of are Felton and Dalembert.

Felton is going to have competition at the point with the signing of Kidd. So if he starts to play bad I can see them limiting his minutes and splitting them with Kidd. As you know Felton has always been inconsistent.

Dalembert has been injury prone in his career. Great source for blocks and rebounds. If he stays healthy.

Just my opinion hope I'm wrong for your sake. But you could always look to package them up and try to get another PG. Which your team looks like it could use. Maybe Dragic?

Vucevic is a big time sleeper imo and an excellent draft choice.
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