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Default Re: Future of the Spurs

Originally Posted by Jasper
I think fans as well as ISH are trying to figure out what Duncan is thinking besides the Spurs ... what , when .

I think Duncan has at least two more years in him , if his minutes are cut even more.
Guys like him are more valuable playing great all out play in 25 minutes or less , than 30 minutes stroking the floor.

Problem is no one knows how Splitter will adapt .. if at all.

Spurs are old school - big fella as focal point of offense and defense, and they might have to steer away from this unless they could land a Lopez.

Hard to believe but the Spurs are a playoff team , and they are smak dab in a transition period for their franchise

How is it hard to believe they're a playoff team when they won 50 games last season with several injuries to all of their key players? They have proven time and time again that they're a good team regardless of injury.

Tony Parker: Was injured for nearly HALF of last season. Played through 30-some games with plantar fasciitis, and had to sit out many games because of it as well.

Ginobili: Played diminished minutes for a long period of time due to sore ankles.

Duncan: Sat out of a lot of games with everyday pains.

Blair: Wasn't fully recovered from knee issues.

Richard Jefferson: Didn't fit into the team properly until very late in the year.

Bonner: Not nearly as useful as he was the year before.

Mason: His play dropped off, and has not been resigned.

So. . .all of their big 3 were missing games or playing through injury for an average of at least 1/3rd of the season EACH. They still did not have a real center to play with Duncan (second year in a row), and their bench was not up to snuff.

Tony Parker: Declined to play for team France, so he will be healthier next season. He played for them every year in the offseason which was making him miss games during the regular season. His production will clearly go up next season since the odds of him remaining healthy are higher.

Ginobili: Same as with Parker, only for Argentina, not France. Ginobili will take the offseason for rest and regular training, and no full on games so save wear and tear on his body. Likewise with Parker, the odds of him remaining healthy for once are higher. His production will go up overall.

Duncan: With his minutes held down, I dont' expect a dropoff in production at all. It will be roughly what it was last year, 5% better or worse. Roughly the same.

DeJuan Blair: A player everyone likes, and feel was a steal for the Spurs late in the draft. Has put up multiple 20/20 games last season, and is working on defending PFs better this offseason. Another year for Blair to get better = good news for the Spurs.

George Hill: Just like Blair, another now apparent steal late in the draft. He's proven to be a very reliable player off the bench last season. He's had an extra year to train and get better. This is good for the Spurs.

Tiago Splitter: The defensive center the Spurs have obviously been lacking for years. Spanish league MVP, one of the best european players for the last few years. Another intelligent draft choice for SA years ago. With his mindset, and style of play, he will fit in perfectly with SA.

James Anderson: The widely agreed "best shooter of the draft" last season. Yet another good player who the Spurs drafted late in the draft. Depending on just how bad his injury was, he will make an impact for the Spurs sooner or later. Regardless. . .it was yet another good, late first round pick for SA.

Richard Jefferson: He can't possibly be worse than last season. He'll be better. He was also playing much more productively in the last 1/4th of the season as opposed to the first 3/4ths. He was fitting in nicely and rotating on defense properly.

Summary: With few exceptions, nobody who knows anything about the Spurs thinks that the Spurs are worse this year than last year. They are going to be better at nearly every spot on the roster, including Parker/Ginobil. The only players who have more than a 20% chance of being worse than last year are McDyess, and negligable player at this point, and Duncan who won't be much worse if he is at all.

With the improved health, and increased rest for all the important Spurs players, and added years onto all of the good young players, as well as the addition of Splitter and Anderson, there's no way in hell the Spurs are missing the playoffs. They are a top 4 seed. Good chance at top 2-3. Book it.

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