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Default Jason Thompson - Trade Rumors

The Kings have supposedly offered Jason Thompson in a deal to the Hawk that included Jeff Teague. A week or so ago, there was a curious rumor of Prince to the Hawks for Jamal Crawford and Jeff Teague.

I think this is interesting, as it opens up the possibility of a three-way trade in my mind(where the pink elephants roam).

What if the deal went down something like this:

Kings Send: Jason Thompson
Kings Receive: Jeff Teague
Hawks Send: Jeff Teague, Jamal Crawford,
Hawks Receive: Tayshaun Prince
Pistons Send: Tayshaun Prince
Pistons Receive: Jamal Crawford, Jason Thompson

Personally, I see little reason why the Kings would want to move a big that has shown some promise, for a PG that has shown very little. The only reason I can fathom is that Udrih isn't the long term answer, and they're hoping with some more playing time, Teague might blossom into a more than solid start (Udrih is solid).

For the Hawks, they lose Crawford electricity off the bench, but can move William's to a 6th man position, inserting Prince into the lineup. They'd only consider this if they for some reason think Prince will push them to the next level. They're basically swapping expirerers and losing a prospect.

For Detroit on the other hand, I feel it would work out very well. Due to Daye being benched, I'd expect McGrady to get the start at the 3, though Daye would back him up with nearly equal minutes. This works out for Daye's progression, being able to play his true position (get Summers some PT too).

It also gets the Pistons another young big, something that would be amazing after coming into the season with nothing more than Wallace/Maxiell/Villanueva. Though neither Monroe or Thompson are going to instill fear in opponents, we'd have two guys that are 6'10''. You'd have to expect Wallace time is near an end, especially after his championship friends have all moved on. The Pistons could look at having a solid 3 man rotation of Monroe/Thompson/Villanueva at the 4 and 5, with Maxiell playing spot minutes where his superior defense is required.

Also, by acquiring Crawford, it would still leave us the ability to get involved in the Melo trade. We'd have the possibility of throwing in Crawford to Denver, and possibly getting a player or 2 from the Knicks or whoever else is involved. If this doesn't work out, we'd still have a log jam at the 2 (Gordon, Crawford, Hamilton and Stuckey), but Crawford would be coming off the books if we can't find another trade for him or Hamilton near the deadline.

Anyway... me just thinking out-loud... in text.
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