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Default Re: If Mike Vick becomes a free agent....

Originally Posted by HAzE024
I never understood why players hate being franchised so much. Last year a QB given the franchise tag would make over $16 million GUARANTEED (This year it will be even higher). I understand the nature of the NFL breeds the desire for long-term security, but do you think Vick would get a contract paying $16 mil AAV guaranteed? Sure its a risk as a player, but even in the off chance Vick gets a career-ending injury next year and gets cuts, he still gets $16 million. If he doesn't, (the more likely scenario) he clears $16 million and then gets his long-term contract (assuming he isnt a one-hit wonder)

It's basically a question of, do you want 16 mil guaranteed right now or 30-50? Next year may not come. It's not a good deal for the player. You don't get franchised unless you are worth the price and then some
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