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Default your reaction when.........

Describe how you felt, and what your expectations were at the time, upon the aquisition of each player on our roster. Then explain how they've met those expectations Here goes:

LeBron James--obviously, I was incredibly excited. His arrival marked the end of the Cavs being a bottomfeeder NBA team. Of course, he has lived and surpasses my own, and everyone else's expectations
Larry Hughes--I was disappointed when we couldn't get Ray Allen or Michael Redd in free agency. However, when I heard we got Hughes, I felt ok with the aquisition at the time. At the very least, I thought he would give us another scorer and a good defender. Turned out to be wrong on both counts. His contract is gonna ultimately prevent the Cavs from moving forward. He's also at the age where he's not going to get any better. He is who is is: a streak shooter who has injury problems and is an overrated defender
Zydrunas Ilgauskas-happy we got a big man, but it was so long ago, that I don't really remember how I felt
Drew Gooden--still feeling crushed over the Boozer loss, I felt somewhat OK by this aquisition. Has proven to be a good rebounder and an energy player, but is rather inconsistent. Until Boozer emerged this season, though, this looked to be a fairly even tradeoff. Now, it's obvious we miss Boozer
Sasha Pavlovic--had no idea what to expect. Has turned out to be a good surprise
Eric Snow--glad we aquired a solid veteran PG at the time, but I am rather upset that he is still such a huge part of the team's plan for 07-08. He should've been put out to pasture by now, but is sadly still the best PG we got (which doesn't say much)
Ira Newble--??
Damon Jones--expected a streaky shooter with a cocky attitude. That's what we got. I expected him to get more minutes than he's gotten, though
Anderson Varejao--knew nothing about the guy, and am pleasantly surprised with what the Cavs have gotten out of him. However, I don't think he's a piece to build around. He wants big money, and isn't worth it in the long run
Shannon Brown--happy with this draft pick and thought he would get more minutes than what he ended up getting
Daniel Gibson--expected a combo guard and a combo guard is what the Cavs have gotten. Didn't realize he was such a clutch player, though
David Wesley--expected a retread player on his last legs and he has certainly met that expectation
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