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Default Re: your reaction when.........

Originally Posted by Mathius
Like I said, that's just not accurate. Unless we're trying to hold onto a 10 point lead at the end of the game or something, he's just useless.

if you're trading baskets with the other team in the crunch, you can't afford to play 5 on 4.

And M. Brown wasted (yes, WASTED) WAY too many time outs in the playoffs last year, by subbing Snow in for one series of defense late in games, only to sub him out the next play to put some offense back in.

You just can't rely on him.


With the scoring imbalance on this team, we're pretty much already playing shorthanded on the offensive end. Noone else on this team (with the exception of Gibson and of course LBJ) deserves to shoot the basketball in crunchtime. I just like having a guy in the final minute who can at LEAST bring the ball up the court, give it to LeBron, get out of the way, and turn around and play defense when it's time.

Any use of him beyond that is too much at this stage of his career
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