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Default Re: Amar'e Stoudemire Fan Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Yea I agree,like my coach.No reason I shoulda been benched.I was simply speaking the truth.Mike D'Antoni is stubborn.He'd rather see his style of play executed than us win.I honestly think that if everyone shot over 60% and hit a bunch of threes and we still lost,he'd be ok with that.It's the only reason I can come up with why this guy continues to start guys like Shawne Williams and Wilson Chandler on big PFs.

During our first 6 game losing streak, that's what we were doing (the 3's) and he was OK with that, he said it himself. That's why I started the "TAKE A HIKE, MIKE" thread.

And he once said that Wilson reminds him of Shawn Marion. Maybe that's MD's downfall. This ain't Phoenix and the only player that reminds me of ANYONE on that team is Amar'e. Pun intended.

I think Mike D'Antoni is a one dimensional coach and he REFUSES to think out of the box.

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